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This is your WAKE UP call…

WE are in the midst of a PANDEMIC! It is due to drugs! It is not surprising. Our children and their parents have been exposed to drug advertising in the media since they were born. We have been brainwashed by the drug companies that there literally is a pill for every ill. Did you know that the average person over 60 is on at least three drugs, not including supplements, herbs, and vitamins? We are among the best-fed countries in the world yet most people are taking vitamins marketed by drug companies with false information about these substances.

A good example of this type of pressure occurs in all of the advertisements on  antidepressants. Depression and related psychological difficulties are extremely common in our modern society. Figures are hard to obtain but studies have shown that only 30% of citizens, at least in North America, are taking some form of mind-altering drug. In the ads at the end of the commercial you will see  smiling people with soothing music in the background and in a softer voice you hear the possible side effects!  If you can recite these adverse effects ten minutes after they are mentioned, I will personally buy you a cup of coffee!

The Internet is loaded with false information put out by entrepreneurs, however, there is no evidence that these potions do anything but create profits. Drug deaths from both legal and illegal drugs are rising world-wide! Canada ranks 6th in the world in drug related deaths (104.5 per million), Iceland is 1st, and the U.S. is 3rd.

I have been a physician for over fifty years. I know that without drugs many of us would not be alive today! In truth, drugs have prolonged life and quality of lives for most of us, however, we must realize that drugs can also be deadly.  All have so-called adverse effects frequently not recognized by the patients and some doctors.

The purpose of this effort is to educate you about drugs in general and therefore you will be informed about these substances—about the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Next year, your government will legalize marijuana and I will begin with the truth about marijuana—the good, the bad, and the ugly! 

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