As we all know, cannabis has now been made legal in the country of Canada, and at least in six states in the USA.

As time goes on, we are learning more about this drug that was put on the market at least in the past five years. Those of us who were interested in the effects of this drug, especially the adverse effects of the drug. There are out number of reports in the literature about the effects including acute psychosis, violence, chronic vomiting, but never have there been a report of death from marijuana. In fact if you read many of the eulogies to marijuana, it is always stated that there has never been a death due to the ingestion of marijuana by inhalation. We also have to assume that the people that were extolling marijuana did not record any adverse effect from marijuana being infused into common recreational foods such as coffee, desserts, and even beer!.

Recently reports have appeared in the medical literature about the serious side effects and even death, due to cannabis that has been eaten. According to the Colorado press, there have been at least five deaths in young people due to the ingestion, not the inhalation, of marijuana. One wonders if health Canada and the health organizations in the United States have been informed of these effects. As time goes on we are learning much more about this drug and what we are learning is not very uplifting. This is in addition to the already reported mental slowness, impaired reaction times, and sometimes accentuation of anxiety. There is definitely a relationship between poor school performance and regular cannabinoid use. There is also fairly good evidence now that the long-term effects of cannabis on memory is inconclusive. No doubt we have a long way to go.