“Polypharmacy: When is enough, enough?_RISK June 13, 2014

This article:

Polypharmacy: When is enough, enough?

by Dr. Derelie (Dee) Margin was published June 13, 2014

Noel Hershfield says:

“A number of years ago, before there were geriatricians, I was asked to supervise a geriatric assessment unit, with the help of two very competent nurses. After two years, it was apparent that most of the patients were there because of side effects. We discontinued all of their meds except the few we felt were needed. Most of them were on anti hypertensives, antihyperglycemics and antacids. All tolerated discontinuation of these meds. In follow up six weeks to three months later, most of them were back on the previous meds. I wrote a letter to the editor about our experience. No comment! Good for you people and good luck!”

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