Drug Pandemic-Dr. Noel Hershfield Speaks Out

The reason why I initiated this website is because we are in the midst of a universal pandemic which is been going on for a number of years. It has not been ignored by the International community and while there have been many attempts to try and stop this destructive behavior with limited success, the problem is greater than ever.

Several years ago I noticed that many young people were being admitted to the intensive care unit of my hospital, secondary to motorcycle accidents, due to drug intoxication, including alcohol and other drugs such as marijuana and various narcotics—in addition to many chemicals in glue, weed killer, and other unimaginable products! I was called to see them because our technique was to supply their nutritional needs by opening a vein in the neck in order to sustain their nutrition. Of course, it was not a curative procedure and many of these young people died.

Recently, many young people are dying of opioid overdose in Alberta, in Canada, the United States, and indeed the Western world. It is clearly a pandemic and we have no idea how were going to stop it.

My prediction that it is going to get worse because of one very addictive drug now coming on the market and it will be supplied legally. This drug is marijuana. In part of this presentation, I will discuss all the known effects of marijuana as well as all chemicals that we pour into our bodies—good and bad.

I could not help but wonder if the events that we have been witnessing over the past two years has something to do with the increasing use of drugs. Also interesting was the fact that I reread a book entitled Pharmageddon, by Dr. David Healy, who is Professor of Psychopharmacology in Wales and the University of Cardiff. He claims to have evidence that modern antidepressants, anti-anxiety agents, and antipsychotic agents have significant serious life-threatening side effects. He claims that many patients on these drugs are suicidal, homicidal, become violent, and are guilty of sexual abuse. He claims that these adverse effects are due to these drugs.

Clearly, he has a great deal of opposition from the Psychiatric Academia. He has also set up a website called www.RX.org and he is asking people who are on these drugs to report any unusual adverse effects. The response has been mammoth! Part of my plan in this effort is that I will review every monthly edition of RX.org, as every issue has a number of new revelations.

During my research I also found out there are many organizations such as a Drug-Free World, all over the world. Despite the number of these organizations and the number of other organizations who are trying to prevent young people from taking drugs, there isn’t any hard evidence that these interventions have a long-lasting effect. In short, at the moment there is no technique of preventative medicine to decrease what appears to be an insatiable appetite for drugs!

However, there is no other strategy perhaps except for legalization of all drugs, that will stem the tide of the current epidemic. Some countries have done this and I will certainly report on the most recent studies of the effect.

Therefore, the object of this website is education, and an attempt to possibly start a public organization that will demand from Government a serious effort to attempt to save lives, and even to legalize drugs!

I also found out that this problem of drug dependency and addiction is not a new phenomenon in the world and you will hear more about that in my next blog.

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