The next group drugs to be discussed are stimulants. These include Ritalin, ecstasy, amphetamines, and other synthetic related substances which act like adrenaline. No one knows exactly how many young people experimented with these drugs, because of the attention  made to opioids or cannabis. Currently it is an illegal drug in the United States, a life sentence, and fines ranging from $250,000-$4 million. Talk about Paleolithic approach to drug abuse!

A recent study from the United Nations Office Drugs and Crime and is only an estimate, that this brand chemical is being used by over 9 million people in the world. It is commonly mixed with other drugs, such as alcohol and there have been increasing numbers of deaths and “club drug” cases sent to emergency rooms.

“My sister Nicky used to go to many rave parties where ecstasy, Ritalin, and others  frequently associated with other so-called recreational drugs including marijuana. At this party she was offered a new product which was supposed to be even more powerful than the local stimulants. She took some and began dancing constantly all  night long. We found her in the ladies bathroom at midnight, and she was dead!” The autopsy on this young woman revealed high levels of methamphetamines, morphine, and cannabis. Cause of death was assumed to be a rhythm disruption of her heart which is commonly been reported in those that overdose on this class chemical.

The short term effects of these chemicals include, loss of appetite, increased heart rate, blood pressure and body temperature. There is disturbed sleep, bizarre erratic behavior, hallucinations, hyperexcitability, and irritability. Convulsions and seizures are not uncommon.

The long-term effects include permanent damage to the blood vessels and high blood pressure, leading to strokes.

Most major organs in the body show changes in those people imbibing these chemicals in the long-term. The psychological effects include disorientation, apathy, and hallucinations.

The tragedy about this drug and related chemicals is that they are going to continue to be prescribed in elementary schools  for treatment of children and adult attention deficit disorder .

I will repeat once again the drugs used in this preparation are virtually all the same and act like stress hormones produced by our adrenal glands, and all have the same effects on our physiology. Again like any other drug, whether legal or illegal, it has numerous bad effects.

Once again, I repeat: you have been educated and now you are able to make informed decisions as to whether or not you are going to experiment with these dangerous chemicals. You can find huge amounts of information on this problem online, including every single drug is currently being abused.

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  1. Dr. Noel Hershfield

    thanks for the info. My sister nearly died at a Rave recently.

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