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Some interesting research has just come to light. One of the big questions is: “Why are young people looking for drugs and end up dying in some cases. It is quite possible that these people are self treating and they’re using drugs to achieve that. In my discussions with alcoholic patients many of them began this addiction after a marriage breakup, loss of a job, failure and some other catastrophe. One worrying  thing about the latest research from Switzerland, is that many of the addicts, started with marijuana. Of course the producers of marijuana deny this, but then again I’m sure they don’t follow those people that are buying it, either legally or illegally.

This is food for thought!

Another interesting comment made by someone who obviously feels that drug usage is acceptable on the basis of the American Constitution! The Constitution states that everyone is entitled to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness! In other words being happy is just as important as being alive and being free!

We are discussing inhalants. What are they? “Inhalants refer to the vapors from toxic substances which are inhaled to reach a quick high! There are over 1000 household and other common products that could be abused as inhalants. Most often use our shoe polish, glue, toluene, gasoline paint, the list is endless! They obviously affect the brain since after the initial high, loss of inhibition comes associated with drowsiness, lightheadedness, and agitation there are many ways to inhale these substances including simply sniffing them out of rags, or spraying them into the nose or mouth, or putting them in a bag and then breathing out of the bag. These substances are extremely common at concerts or dance clubs. There is no doubt that they can permanently damage the brain. Unfortunately, in the indigenous population sniffing substances is very common, and very damaging. This is especially so in younger people whose brain is still developing. There are about 40 street names for inhalants and probably more, from “air blast” to rush snappers“.

“It was a steady progression from glue sniffing to gas sniffing until I was 17 years old, and then I switched to cannabis. In addition to that I also began taking heroin and became addicted to it. I got in association with the number of people who are in a similar situation and all of us have served prison sentences for burglary,  stealing from our families. I have caused my parents great heartache.”

These substances effect virtually all important organs in the body including the heart, and the brain, and kidneys. There have been reports of death entitled sudden sniffing and death syndrome. This can happen the first time someone inhales one of these substances or the hundredth time.

Short-term effects are similar to most of the side effects that we have discussed in relation to other drugs from slurred speech, to unconsciousness, to death by suffocation have all been reported. Also heart rhythm disturbances are frequently seen in emergency rooms.

The long-term effects include muscle weakness, lack of coordination, depression,and memory loss. I often wondered how many of these recent mass murders were enhanced by drug ingestion.

Apparently,inhalants have been around since ancient times in Egypt, India, China. They were used in religious ceremonies, as many drugs we use now!  Nitric oxide and ether were used as anesthetics. Also used “recreationally in the 17th century.
NO statistics are available, but a recent report from the CDC states that abuse of inhalants is “very common”

Perhaps Freud and Schopenhauer were correct. To summarize: they said that perhaps life is too hard and we need something to make it easier! Freud of course prescribed cocaine to his depressed patients, and used it himself. Maybe we should just legalize all drugs as we did alcohol and deal with it and  a better method of control and follow-up.

As I do with all of these presentations, learn about these substances, and buyer beware!


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