Synthetic Drugs

Synthetic drugs are created using man-made chemicals rather than natural ingredients. Some examples of this are ecstasy, LSD, and methamphetamine. Designer drugs such as synthetic marijuana, synthetic stimulants, are also known as designer drugs.

They are synthetic versions of an illegal drug that have been altered to avoid having it classified is illegal. It is simply an experiment created by a chemist that can be sold legally. It is a constant battle between the authorities and the illicit drug makers and this is a huge industry and the user has no way of knowing what the drugs that they take contain. As an example in the United States 200 to 300 new designer drugs are manufactured every year. In Europe over 650 designer drugs have been introduced.

People may be exposed to “synthetic marijuana unquote which is really nothing like the real substance. They are not legal and they are definitely not safe. Chemical analysis have shown that in all cases the active ingredients in these drugs are synthetic chemicals with dangerous toxic effects. This is a real crapshoot and a great threat your health. It can be smoked inserted in cookies, candy etc. and even be taking it as a vapor via the nose.

It’s important to know what they are called and here is a list that you should probably print:

K2, Algerian blend, aroma, black mamba, blaze, bliss, Bombay blue, bonsai eight and 18, chaos, chill, dream, fake pot, fake weed, Genie, lava, Mojo, Mr. happy, Mr. Smiley, Phantom, wicked, red X Don, Scooby snacks, sensation, serenity, silent black, skunk, smoke, space diamond, spicy triple X, Spike 99,Tai Fun, wicked X, Yucatán fire, and finally Zen. More than likely there will be many more of these substances on the market in the future

There is a rapid increase of calls to poison control centers since 2010. There is also been a rapid increase to emergency rooms involving toxic reactions to synthetic marijuana. The literature is full of examples of overdoses to these substances fatal car accidents, tax usually violent and bizarre motor vehicle accidents.

As as all other of the drugs that have been mentioned in this website the effects on the central nervous system, and various other organs in the body including the heart and kidneys are prominent. Some of the short-term effects which you have seen before with any of these drugs include loss of consciousness, confusion, anxiety, panic attacks, severe paranoia and delusions hallucinations and just about every bizarre central nervous system effect that one can imagine. Of course death is also not uncommon.

Of course there are long-term effects including nightmares heavy sweating nausea tremor headaches increase in tiredness, decreased cognitive ability and eventual unemployment.

What follows are some comments by some victims of these synthetic drugs.

“I wanted to share my experience with K2. It ruined my life when I tried smoking K2 for the first time, it was like everything dissolved into what seem to be fuzz on the television screen. I remember thinking this is what hell is! I heard voices of family members, flashbacks to when I was younger, the worst experience I’ve ever had, I was shaking horribly, and I feel terrified and sick. Ever since that day I have had awful anxiety on a daily basis. I had to quit school because my anxiety was so bad.”

“I overdosed on Spice and I haven’t been the same since. I was just sitting there smoking it and everything hit me. I couldn’t see right our walk straight and I threw up about a dozen times. I woke up my mom and she laid me down on the coach and called the ambulance. 10 minutes before the ambulance came I started to have seizures. I woke up in the hospital on life support because I had a cardiac arrest. I have not been the same since I can’t concentrate on anything and I go blank in the middle of reading anything. I am doomed and considering killing myself despite the efforts of my therapists.

“I’m a former Spice addict and I became hooked on it while on probation. I went from a gram or less a day to over three or 4 g a day. As my addiction progressed, my ability to control basic behaviors and motor skills deteriorated. I grew more aggressive when I became upset, which became more frequent of the more and longer I used. One morning I had a psychotic break during which I blacked out and almost killed my wife.

I was arrested in my probation was revoked. Since being released I share my experience with others to encourage them not to use this or any other drugs”

The literature is full of stories such as this and all of these drugs virtually have the same effect. I believe this is a great threat to our society especially since it is being so commonly used by an increasing number of our youth the same thing can be said for all of the other drugs that I’ve listed in this particular portion.

Of course the ideal situation would be if we could get the facts out to all young people as young as 10 years old and try and convince them by education not to take any drugs in the first place. Of course I’m talking about illegal drugs we must also be aware of the fact that even drugs prescribed by physicians have dangers and should be carefully scrutinized before ingesting them.

It is my honest belief that the only solution possible to this epidemic or pandemic, is that our schools should have life style classes early and expose the students to some of the problems that they’re going to be facing once they become adolescents. This is not only include illicit drug usage, but violence, sexual abuse, bullying, and all the other negative events that seem to be rapidly increasing in our society. Simply read the newspapers and watch the television and you will of course agree that this is a serious problem.

If you’re really interested there are a number of publications that may be scrutinized including publications by the American College of Physicians, the Journal of Medical Toxicology, USA Today, Addiction Treatment Magazine, and of course the website of this organization entitled A Drug-Free World.

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