Legalized Marijuana is Here!

The legalization of marijuana occurred in Canada just last week on October 17. I went to a couple of cannabis stores. They weren’t too busy mainly because they had no product or little product. I was told that the first two or three days staff were very busy with long lineups but they ran out of the major products and were waiting for new supplies. They have a wide variety of supplies with all kinds of variations of THC, CBD, terpenes, and various other ingredients and chemicals. There seemed to be a shortage of edibles but they promised that stock would be available within the next couple of weeks. I haven’t seen anything in the newspapers yet about any major problems but then again, the papers are mainly full of information as to how one can get into business selling legal marijuana. I went to a luncheon meeting at a stockbrokers organization and the presenters were all very enthusiastic about the future of both medical and recreational marijuana. They’re talking billions of dollars but there’s going to be a period of stabilization before this takes place. Some of the presenters said that it may take up to two years before the market settles out.

However, I did visit the Rocky View Hospital for a personal reason the other night, and asked the nurses and the paramedics whether or not they were having experience with the drug. The paramedics told me that they are packing five vials of Naloxone—the universal antidote to narcotics. They told me that in the past before narcotics became the darling of our young generation, it was unusual for them to use Naloxone more than once a year. Now they’re using it five times a shift! There have been deaths. They’ve also had an increase in young people coming in with adverse effects to cannabis including anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, and violent behavior. Of course, this we all knew from reading the literature when published.

I ran into a nurse that I think has been at the Rocky View Hospital for many years— nearly as long as I. She is an excellent nurse, probably one of the best in the city. I asked her why is the younger generation so entranced with these drugs. She very quietly asked me why I was entranced with tobacco when I was growing up (and alcohol, but not to the stage of oblivion most of the time!). She says the big thing is the high. As long as they get the high they’re happy. Unfortunately they get happy and then die. She told me of one case, of which I’d seen in the past, where the patient had vomiting so much she ruptured her esophagus and had to have major surgery. It took her over eight weeks to recover. She was readmitted two months later in a coma from narcotics and cannabis—and died.

It looks like we’re going to be entering a really dangerous stage of this epidemic and I’m going to try and report as honestly as I can the results of what I think is one of the poorest decisions ever made by a federal government. Legalization is fine. But wholesale recreational availability is a foolish move and were going to pay for it!

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  1. Cris Mattews

    In my opinion its already 2019, and i think cannabis should be legalized in most of the country right now. Not only for giving them what they want but cannabis help us in our daily routine. No wonder why many people allow marijuana to be legalized. And as i read here that most of the country used marijuana in medical purpose, they also used CBD oil and they used it as an ingredient to the food. So why marijuana cant be legalized?

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