We Have Lost the War on Drugs

The war on drugs in which it appears all the major world powers are involved, is a complete disaster. Since the war was declared about 15 years ago, it is clear that we are getting nowhere in our attempts to decrease the number of drug addictions, drug deaths, drug deaths involving overdose and chronic disability for too many people suffering from the inexorable adverse effects of these drugs.

There are many drugs on the market as you may know that treat various diseases. Most of them are not curative but they do keep the condition under control. I’m talking about the common ailments that seem to affect Western society, including diabetes, high blood pressure, various forms of arthritis, some gastrointestinal disorders, and so on. It is not to politically incorrect to say that the only drugs that we have of curing disease are antibiotics! Most infections are now controlled by antibiotics and they have saved billions of lives. But the other drugs that we are talking about do not cure—they modify the conditions for which they are prescribed. The other great advance was that the invention of vaccines, strangely enough being now questioned by those airheads in our society who have decided that they are not going to take scientific evidence and expose their children to diseases that prior to the invention of vaccines, killed hundreds of millions of children usually before the age of four. Whatever the reason, denying vaccination to children, in my opinion is manslaughter. Not only does it affect the children of these so-called progressive thinkers, it will also reduce the herd immunity that is also a feature of vaccination. So not only were there children be affected but so will the children in the community who have not been vaccinated yet.

So my major premise is that all drugs are dangerous. Doesn’t matter where they’ve been put to the rigorous methods of the FDA and like organizations all over the world, and people have to realize that all drugs have a potential for significant side effects and sometimes death. Certainly the uncontrolled drugs are far more dangerous because of the huge number of people that are now taking them for chronic conditions which are painful. Serious scientists and physicians believe that there is evidence that folks that take drugs for recreational purposes, are really taking it because their self treating conditions at the doctors do not appear to be able to control. Whether or not unearthing these problems in the pre-drug decisional time would make a difference to whether or not the client was asking these questions, in the future. It would be an interesting experiment but it is far as I know it has not been carried out as yet.

So we are now in a stage of unparalleled death and disability by drug overdose and drug adverse effects. Taking a drug is almost a rite of passage in our community. That is something that I think we can do—enlighten these people that drugs are not a panacea, and perhaps more importantly, inform these patients as to why they are taking these dangerous concoctions. It may help us understand the possibility of drug addiction in these people and perhaps send them on another path where they might be able to get some help with their problems without having to resort to dangerous sometimes poisonous street drugs.

I’m adding a little bit of a sideline to this type of blog. It appeared to me after talking to a couple of hockey players, I have no doubt there is a lot of abuse going on in sport. I recently saw an article about sexual abuse in gymnastics and I can guarantee you that there will be more of this type of thing in the future is the more me to movements become established. So I felt that it’s important that this message be also given to young people before they are unleashed into this incredible world.  In the deal be prepared I hope for the possibility that some person is going to abuse them during their quest for a happy involved life!

In addition many many patients are on herbs and so-called supplements not realizing of these are also drugs and they have been known to have serious side effects most of which were missed by “asking your physician”. Most doctors are not aware or not interested in enough to investigate these multitudinous herbs that were now faced with in our obsession not only for health, but for longevity!

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