New Developments Since Legalization of Cannabis

Here in Canada, legalization of cannabis has been present since last October. Suddenly, there appears to be a little bit more news about marijuana then previously, despite the fact that Health Canada has repeated, on numerous occasions, that cannabis does affect certain areas of the brain—which is not too surprising. All these drugs that are currently being abused affect the brain. There is no way to tell which user is going to be affected nor how they’ve been affected. But the point is that they are being affected even though they don’t realize it! There hasn’t been too much reporting of cases but I expect they will come pretty soon. I did see a couple of case reports in the Canadian Medical Journal that talked about elderly people taking marijuana for the first time for various reasons and ended up hallucinating. Two have not recovered after a couple of months.

In addition to that, a rather surprising report appeared about the affects of marijuana on pets. Apparently pets are picking up butts for instance on circus grounds and then being admitted to veterinary emergencies with all kinds of problems including death, convulsions, vomiting, and nausea that are intractable.

In addition to that, my understanding is they’re going to start infusing soft drinks with cannabis. I really find this hard to believe and I’m trying to track it down with the Department of Public Health in Canada. I wrote a letter to the editor the other day stating that the Government of Canada is destroying our oil industry in the province of Alberta and other provinces. It has destroyed the coal industry, it’s talking about reducing the amount of meat required to survive in this world thereby reducing meat production. In Aldous Huxley’s book Brave New World, he tells us about a country wherein everybody except the leaders take a pill called Soma each day. In fact, it’s mandatory. This pill destroys critical thinking and the recipients are Puppets in the hands of the powerful. Well, they’ve got our meat, our coal, our oil, and now they’re introducing  their version of Soma—Cannabis!

Welcome to the Brave New World. Since I have started this project by joining a drug-free world organization, it’s been my observation that despite the efforts of hundreds of volunteers all over the world, we are not succeeding in preventing enough young people from taking these dangerous drugs—all of which I have discussed on this website. It’s clear that the war on drugs has failed and the tragedy is not the money that has been thrown away trying to beat them. So many of the public and some of those countries have been killed by the drug lords, so many families have been destroyed, and so many police officers and government officials have been corrupted by these nefarious organizations. Perhaps legalizing all rugs may be the answer to the drug lords, otherwise the future looks very grim.

I also thought about the fact that we are warning the young people about taking drugs when there are so many other challenges in the incredible world, that they are going to face. Need I mention sex abuse by religious people, teachers, gymnastics teachers, football coaches, dance instructors, teachers, and so many other groups that have a position in power over our young people. And of course young women. I think that our education system should warn them about what’s possible in the future. The almost daily reports of sexual abuse by powerful people is simply overwhelming and disgusting. If you ever read this site, I would be interested in your opinion.

Not surprisingly, cannabis has not been legalized by the federal government of this country though it has been legalized in six American states and certainly will be legalized as more time goes on. Those of us that are excited that cannabis is now legal and available for research, are disappointed that the federal government will not supply research monies because they feel that cannabis should remain illegal! Theoretically, if a researcher started studying the drug without federal permission, he could be sent to jail! There is so much we need to do to learn about this drug. It is impossible to believe that the lawmakers of the USA have decided once again, not to care about the future of their constituents. We are following the same path as they have done on certain social issues. As an example, universal  healthcare which is anathema to them.


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