antonyms for pot

Here are the known street names for cannabis at least up until 2010. Ace, and Danny, African black, airplane, Alice B Toklas, ash, ashes, SS in the use, Astroturf, ashitshi, and Mary, D 40, babysitter, them back, then Galactica Danese, Danny, balmy, black, black Bart, Blakegangoo, black gang –, black mold, black vote, black and remote double, sky blonde, blunt, blow, Bobo, blonde, blue English, bomber, blue blue band the boom the death, brilliant, Bernie, brush, Bush, butter, butter flour, Cambodia trip, Colorado cocktail, chopped, juice, colas, Coley floor tossed style crying lead Daggett, Dan Beeston, diesel, ditch lead, Dozier, domestic, Don wan, Donwanita, Kanga, gangster, Gamgee, the noodles, goblet of Jan, Goldstar, grasshopper, green goddess, going in, herbs, Hawaiian hay, Indian boy, Indian hay, Indica, jolly green giant, one valve that is killer green died and LG Manhattan silver Mary Jane Mary Jonas Mary Warner Mary Weaver, Maui wildly, Maggie, Panama red, pack a lulu, clean hands face, Roche, Ricky, Santa Marta, Sassafras, she it, shipped, whether back I went to tobacco wacky wacky, white Russian, white-haired lady Zacatecas purple Zambezi say console.

As you can see there are many iterations of this drug and all of these and others descriptions covering all over the world which will be a daunting task to try and stem the tide .  However ,my recent studies into the world literature of  cannabis has led me to believe that this drug  is a double-edged sword! That is why in a previous  communication with you I called it the good the bad and the ugly .  Read on and you will find out why I gave it’s name. You may be surprised , mystified, but you won’t be alone because many scientists are seriously considering the effects of marijuana and related compounds are in the same boat as we are !