Meet Dr. Noel Hershfield

“I have witnessed the incredible place that pharmaceuticals play in our current society. There is no doubt that drugs have given us better lives, longer lives, and healthier lives. On the other hand there are many many problems with drugs of which we are unaware. There are no drugs that are perfect, all had potential side effects, and some can kill you. I should say that I have no conflict of interest in any association with drug companies, supplemental companies, wellness organizations and other expensive placebos!” Dr. Noel Hershfield 


My name is Noel Hershfield and I am a semi-retired physician. I trained as an internist and gastroenterologist, and I practiced for 50 years. I got interested in the adverse effect of drugs when I saw patients who were in the life-threatening condition because of drugs. Therefore, I believe that one of the solutions to the current drug pandemic is education. I have no evidence that this will work but the current situation is a lack of control and the war on drugs is a failure. For more on this read my Blog: Drug Pandemic – Dr. Noel Hershfield Speaks Out.(Oct. 27 2017)